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Better living through Neuroscience.

When an event is perceived as stressful there is a potential to encode this memory as traumatic stress. Under certain circumstances this leads to a permanent record of what you experienced at that moment. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, pain and most of all the feelings are linked together to form a complete memory. It is the feeling component, which acts as the glue to the other components and causes the memory to be immutably encoded in our minds. We know this because purposeful recall or inadvertent reminders bring back the memory in a flood of feelings and distress. It is also our belief that once encoded, the memory remains biologically active causing life altering consequences.

We are researching a new method called Havening Techniques (derived from the word haven and meaning to put into a safe place) to de-link these components so that recall or reminders no longer activate those stressful feelings. It uses gentle soothing touch, Havening Touch as a therapeutic tool.

This Research site invites you to join us as we explore the ability of this method to de-link the emotions from the stressful event thereby releasing you from the chains of remembrance.
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